Commons Library Briefing

The Arlington County Board on Tuesday amended Chapter 2 of the County Code to prohibit residents from retaining wild and exotic animals as pets. It’s kind of disconcerting how little many unique pet house owners find out about the correct conditions for his or her animals. A reminder: This article is just not a care sheet nor do I endorse any of those animals as pets. While some exotic animals are definitely easier to maintain than others, I consider that very few can thrive in human houses.

If you’re the proprietor of an unique pet, it is best to seek out a veterinarian who has a particular interest in that individual species and has the right gear to diagnose and treat them. Across the country, many incidents have been reported where unique animals held in non-public fingers attacked people and other animals, and escaped from their enclosure and freely roamed the community.

Because there are very few laws, and very little money goes towards imposing the laws that do exist, Christy calls exotic animal trafficking essentially the most profitable form of trans-boundary trade bar none”. Note: It’s a must to make sure that you and your animal companions reside in authorized harmony based on your state regulation as every country or state has its own law about pets.

The CDC recommends that kids, individuals with compromised immune methods, and the aged should avoid all contact with reptiles and never possess them as pets. In addressing the legal concerns associated to the unique pet commerce, a practitioner must concentrate on the relevant federal, state, and native regulation.

Even in states where owning exotic animals is illegal, it isn’t hard to find a method to get them. He believes possession of all probably harmful exotic animals should be banned and is working to make that occur. China has some legal guidelines defending sure species from becoming exotic pets, however traders seem to have no problem circumventing them.