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Methods of Feeding Pigs

The selection of feeding methods on pigs varies depending on several factors. Such as price and feed ingredients, livestock population, available labor, and other practical management. Get pig feed in right place pig feed suppliers. There are several commonly used feeding methods which each has its advantages and disadvantages:

  • Group vs. Individual Feeding
  • Floor vs. Trough Feeding
  • Dry vs Liquid Feeding
  • Full vs. Restricted/Limited Feeding


Here are the methods:

Group vs Individual Feeding

The way feeding with group systems is economically more efficient when compared to individual feeding methods. Applies to a large farm business. This is to minimize the use of labor and other feed equipment. But it is likely that not all livestock individuals will get the same amount of feed. Because the grouping of pigs in a cage will lead to competition in getting food. This is due to the social behavior of pigs in the group. The strong and big will dominate the rather weak and have a smaller body. Meanwhile, if the male pigs who have high aggressive behavior dominate the group, it will lead to a fight. While the method of feeding individually will require the amount of labor and more equipment. …

Raising A Happy and Healthy Pet

Owning a pet is one of the most rewarding things in anyone’s life. The love and affection of a pet is endless, and you will find your life improving by having one. When you first get a pet, there is an adjustment period for both yourself and him or her. They will be put into a new environment that they know nothing about. You will be learning about your new pet’s personality and temperament. This adjustment period usually takes some time. If your new pet is a dog, you may decide that you want to train him using a kennel. If you look on the internet for a dog kennel for sale, you will find a wide variety, in a wide range of prices.

Learning All About Your New Pet

Depending on your experience with the type of pet you’ve adopted, you may want to do research on them. The internet is full of information on any type of pet you could have. This is a great resource for pet owners and the information you get could save you a lot of time and headaches in the long run. Knowing what your pet will need is important as he …

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