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Animal HairyThe penis snake, Atretochoana eiselti, might look disturbingly like a penis, but it surely definitely is not a snake: this South American vertebrate is in actual fact a two-foot-long caecilian , an obscure family of limbless amphibians that burrow within the mud like earthworms. It’s obligatory that the monofilament fineness of the nonshrinkable acrylic fibers on which the silicone resin outlined by the structural components l is to be deposited should be maintained in a range of 50 to I00 or extra ideally 50 to 80 of the monofilament fineness of the animal hair fibers to be mix-spun with mentioned acrylic fibers.

When such monofilament fineness vary is selected for the nonshrinkable acrylic fibers, the bending hardness of mentioned nonshrinkable acrylic fibers will turn out to be substantially equal to that of the animal hair fibers and, by the multiplied motion of mentioned acrylic fibers having had the silicone resin deposited on the surfaces to type the surface part of the yarn, the hand or notably the slippery contact of the ultimate fiber product will be remarkably improved.

A few years in the past in a German swimming pool’s shower room, I whipped out a razor and there was audible …